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July 16, 2018


Hello, friends! Happy Monday! Summertime is my favorite time of the year to pick up my old film camera and shoot some Portra 400 for fun. Here’s a few from today’s film scan delivery! They are such a vibrant portrayal of the adventures I have been getting myself into here lately…. taking gorgeous artist portraits, […]

June 11, 2018


Most summers I let busyness control my schedule and well intentions to enjoy my favorite season get swept under the rug. This year I am being more intentional with my calendar. I am setting aside a day for creativity and things that make me feel alive. One of my favorite things is to float in […]

October 11, 2017

FILED IN: Film, Personal, Travel

I recently made a trip down to New Smyrna Beach with Hunter and our friend Yuki. It was so much fun! We spent a few days swimming in huge waves, goofing off at the pool, learning to play poker (Yuki and I were the newbies) and the boys doing what they love best- cooking. Hey, […]

December 1, 2016

FILED IN: Family, Film

What a joy it is when your long time (something like 28 years) best friend has her first baby! There are photos floating around on the Facebook interwebs of the teary scene that went down when Nicki introduced me to her newborn, Joey. It was so surreal! What a joy to watch your friend become […]

March 28, 2016


I ADORE Savannah. I ADORE shooting film. So, it just made sense to create a place to house a dreamy wonderland of photos mixing the two. Follow along on instagram @savannahonfilm! Woohoo! These were shot with expired Kodak 400 film on a Pentax Spotomatic 35mm camera.



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