July 2, 2019

Forsyth Park Family Portraits

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Today I am going to share some thoughts on family portrait sessions with young children! Not to mention I am totally using this as a reason to share a few of my favorites from the Morton Family’s portrait session!

  • I think that especially with young children- it’s best to let them be kids! This also provides me with a great opportunity for candids. I love involving them in imaginary play and games so that they find the process fun and I get lots of genuine smiles rather than they resent me from forcing them to sit still and smile.
  • I love selecting areas that provide a lot of varied backdrops within the same location. I know that family portrait sessions usually involve lugging around extra changes of clothes, snacks etc and these shoots usually flow best when I make it easy for you!
  • It’s important to select a time of day that works best for your children. I can make any lighting beautiful and work, but if I am trying to capture your child’s best self during his nap time I know that I am fighting a losing battle! I have found early morning to work great for this reason. The light is beautiful and it’s before nap and snack time!
  • I LOOOOVE capturing each child with each parent. I LOOOOOVE taking portraits of the parents together, because often times that is overlooked. I absolutely adore detail shots of little hands with their parents hands.
  • Family portrait sessions are also a great way to fit in professional headshots for the parents!
  • Family portrait sessions don’t have to be a total chore and stressful event! We can totally work together to make it as relaxed and happy an occasion as possible! Let me help you take the pressure off and create artwork that your family will cherish always!

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