April 26, 2021

DIY Incense



I ❤️ foraging for homemade incense materials and it smells AMAZING! #diy #diyincense #homemadeincense #fyp #tipsandtricks #foraged

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Hi, friends!

I have to say, this is one of my most fun crafty projects I’ve gotten into in a while! I started making my own incense to burn in the house rather than using candles. I have always hated the smell of incense, but I LOVE this! It is a total departure from incense as I have known it. As an added bonus, I found a way to better use my english roses that I deadhead. This year I have become obsessed with David Austin roses. When the blooms are spent I collect and dry them and I wish this blog had smell-o-vision because the scent is unreal. ANYWAYS…. here’s how I create my diy incense:

  1. Select your preferred herbs. For this one (my favorite so far!) I used cedar, vetiver, palo santo, dried rose petals & rosemary.
  2. Grab a mortar and pestle and pour about 0.75oz resin in. Honestly I only measured the first time I made it… it’s fun to just experiment here! POUND IT! Pound it until it’s very powdery.
  3. Throw in some herbs! I keep a selection of some found and dried while foraging in the cutest little jars. I personally just opt for scent combinations when determining which to use. POUND IT AGAIN! Mix it up real good.
  4. Add honey until it’s the consistency of cookie dough, although as tempting as it is I would not advise eating it 😂
  5. Flatten to about half an inch thick on parchment paper- maybe a smidge less. I love to sprinkle more dried flower petals at this stage.
  6. Let it dry for a week! TBH my patience is nonexistant so I went ahead and burned mine… haha! If you do this expect it to be a little more smoky in not so great a way since the honey more easily melts down onto the coals.
  7. Grab an incense burner… the incense DOES NOT sit directly on the charcoal. The burner holds it above and the heat works its magic from some distance away. Light the charcoal (I do this outside and let it burn off until it’s light gray on top) then bring it inside and set a quarter sized piece on the burner. Bask in it’s heavenly scented glory! Because I am extra I put my burner in a huge abalone shell because well, it feels more exciting.

My favorite combination smells like a christmas tree dipped in honey and rolled in roses. It’s just to die for and I don’t think I’ll ever buy another candle again. I will advise that I am not an expert and I always burn in large open spaces, usually with some cross breeze through my house… and not right up on my baby, either.

ENJOY and let me know what combinations you try and love!


brass incense burner

mortar and pestle

cute lil glass jars to store herbs

charcoal briquettes

abalone shell



palo santo

dried rose petals

If you are local to Savannah, you can get lots of these materials at Cosmic Corner. If you are like me and all about some Prime shipping I have linked up!

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