June 18, 2015

Miss Lily Floride Green | We’ve Got Mail

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I have another gem of a letter from Rob to Lily for you! I love this one because he speaks of having dreams about their upcoming wedding day!

Jones Pharmacy | Bull and Perry sts.

Savannah, Ga 11/13/1899

My dearest,

I have been excused from the court room for one hour, and as my chances for writing when I return to the wharf are likely to be very slim, I’ll take advantage of this little recess and write my sweetheart at least a short note. It is now twelve o’clock and I suppose I won’t get back to the wharf in time to eat dinner on the Grande Duchesse so I’ll have to eat at one of these town restaurants. I reckon I have a letter waiting for me at home, but Tom will carry it to the wharf when he returns from dinner and I’ll get it then. I am anxious to get it too. Today’s letter will also be waiting for me. Won’t I have lots of reading when I go back?

I was sorry to have to send you that short sorry little note last night, but it was the best I could do. I thought sure, I would do lots better today, but you know how these things go. I went to church last night of course, and you should have heard Dr. Jordan’s sermon. It was on baptism and was a “red hot one.” I reckon though it was best that you didn’t hear it, because it may have made you mad (?). He baptized three young ladies, and it was (can’t read his writing here) so were the young ladies. After church I walked out as far as the park with Surral and we sat there and gazed for quite a while. It was about eleven o’clock when I got home, and I didn’t get half enough sleep. 

Sweetheart, I dreamed that the “day” had arrived, and all of the arrangements were perfected for the grand event, but you should hear how ridiculous everything was. You know what crazy dreams usually are? Tom waked me up for breakfast before the ceremony was performed, so I can’t say how it came out. I had to laugh this morning when I thought of how funny everything was. 

Please don’t look at this writing too closely, because it is done under difficulties. I am standing on the end of a desk reaching over about three feet off. I am lucky to be able to write at all. 

I’ll close now, and wind my way back to the court house. With love

Your devoted, 



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