July 10, 2019

Moon River on Film

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Receiving film scans is basically Christmas to me. Often times when Hunter and I are out playing I will grab a toy film camera instead of lugging around my big dslr. On this outing I brought my Diana F toy film camera. I LOOOVE this one because it’s so unpredictable. It’s hard to keep track of when it’s wound all the way to the next frame and you get these cool double exposed edges that really worked well for our evening out on the river.

When I was younger (and lets be honest, in my current life) I was OBSESSED with dolphins. In elementary and middle school I had a dolphin watch, dolphin jewelry, dolphin pens, a lamp that made it look like they were swimming around my room hahaha. Seeing them swimming in the river now still gives me the same thrill! I will never bored of having interactions with these wild animals that seem to be so friendly! On this day one dolphin followed our boat for half an hour and kept popping up when we would stop.

Here’s a fun fact for those of you not from Savannah- Moon River is located here in town!

“Comments about the lyrics have noted that they are particularly reminiscent of Johnny Mercer’s youth in the Southern United Statesand his longing to expand his horizons.[6]Robert Wright wrote in The Atlantic Monthly, “This is a love sung to wanderlust. Or a romantic song in which the romantic partner is the idea of romance.”[7] An inlet near Savannah, Georgia, Johnny Mercer’s hometown, was named Moon River in honor of him and this song.[5]”

Exploring this area by boat vs on land is a completely different way to experience the low country. Between the otters, manatees, dolphins, SHARKS, manta rays and occassionally a whale you never know what will pop up! My favorite thing about Savannah is that there’s treasure to be found everywhere! Old bottles, megladon teeth, native american pottery and arrowheads… it always reminds you to pay attention to what’s hiding around you everywhere you go!

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